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Carpet Padding Artisan Soap

Carpet Padding Artisan Soap

This fun and silly bar is a way to repurpose all the little bits of soap that come from making all of its peers pretty! When a bar of soap is prepared, there is beveling and sometimes planing involved to give a bar a smooth look and feel.  I save up all of the trimmings and as soon as I have amassed enough, they are repurposed into their own beautiful batch of soap in their own right. If you look close enough, you may see pieces of other bars of soap, such as gumballs from gingerbread houses, or Maryland themed turtles that didnt make the cut for their intended batch!


Since fragrance and color were already added to their original formula, no additional scent or colors are added, giving this bar the appearance but not the smell!) of carpet padding!  This batch does not have a prevailing scent, and mostly seems unscented (to my own nose).


One bar has a minimum weight of 4.8 oz (135 grams)

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide, Castor oil, Fragrance, Titanium dioxide, Mica, Chromium green oxide, Ultramarine blue, Tin oxide

  • Disclaimer

    Dark and highly pigmented soaps may have colored lather and may discolor a light washcloth, loofah or scrubber. Most colorants should wash away cleanly after laundering.

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